Are ghosts real? Do spirits actually exist? And if so, what are they? Are they actual manifestations of people who have died? Or are they just optical illusions? Or figments of the imagination? Or merely the results of indigestion? If they ARE real, are ghosts the souls of people who have crossed over the dimensional threshold from the other side to come back & VISIT us? Or are they the living essence of those who are trapped in between the dimensions separating life from afterlife? Or, are ghosts the life spirit of those who are TOTALLY CLUELESS, & haven't even noticed the extremely BRIGHT LIGHT that they're supposed to go to? How bright does it have to be before they DO notice it? Why can't they get a clue & realize that they're DEAD? What is WRONG with these people? And if they do have to hang around in this dimension, why can't they get lives of their own? Why do they have to bother US? Especially at the worst possible moment. Like in the middle of the night, when we're trying to SLEEP, dammit! Or worse, while we're in the bathroom. How rude is THAT? What is WRONG with them? Don't ghosts have a code of decency?

& other scary,
supernatural entities


Spooky stories
& pictures
that are:

Not indigestion
Not your imagination
Proof of the paranormal

Shocking proof!
Ghosts are real!

Here you will find some truly shocking, eyewitness accounts of ghosts, spirits, & ghostly phenomena. As well as some scary ghost pictures. In addition to standard ghosts, other types of supernatural entities are covered here also. Like shadow people. Not to be confused with real people who hang out in the shadows. Although shadow people usually DO hang out in the shadows. And to make matters worse, they even LOOK like shadows. Which is why they're called shadow people. Another type of paranormal entity covered here is one that can be terrifying to even the bravest of people. Old Hag Syndrome is even scary enough to make a grown man cry.

If you do NOT believe that ghosts & other supernatural entities are real, then you simply MUST read these eyewitness accounts. And you must see the scary GHOST PICTURES here. You will be shocked to discover that not only are ghosts real, but they can be a real pain in the ass. If you dare.








Shocking Pictures





Man Terrorized By
Old Hag Syndrome




Naked Perverted Ghost
Haunts Bathroom




Woman's Violent Encounter
With Terrifying Shadow Person

Ghost Pictures




Frightened Ghost




Red Eyes Ghost


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