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Red Eyes Ghost

This very scary picture is NOT for the faint of heart, or for those who are squeemish. It clearly shows a terrifying entity. This truly shocking picture was taken in the darkest corner of the basement of a morgue, by a cemetery near a haunted house on a Halloween night, precisely at midnight on a Friday the 13th, during a full moon. Dogs were howling nearby, & a violent thunderstorm had caused a power outage throughout the entire neighborhood.

Red eyes can't be good. Especially when they're staring right at you, from the inky black darkness. This entity can only be evil. Pure evil. Or at the very least, a little bit naughty. OK, perhaps it's just a little confused. Actually, maybe it's lost. Or maybe it got poked in the eyes. But one thing is for sure. Only one conclusion can be reached. This picture clearly shows the eyes of a ghost. A real, live ghost. Not special effects from Hollywood.

This horrifying, disturbing image prompts a few, vital questions. Is this evil entity trying to scare us? Even more importantly, is it a Republican or a Democrat? Whatever its purpose is, try not to have any nightmares after looking at this frightening picture. And remember, fear is a normal, human reaction. So don't judge yourself. Just relax & feel it. Feel the fear.









Feedback for
This very shocking picture

Too scary! This picture gave me nightmares. It's those red eyes. I just keep seeing those red eyes in my mind. They're terrifying.

It looks totally evil. This entity is obviously up to no good.

It looks tired. My eyes look the same if I'm not getting enough sleep. I think it just needs a good night's sleep.

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