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Totally Disgusting

You were WARNED! But you chose to come to this page & look at the totally disgusting picture here. You just HAD to look. Didn't you? If you are having any adverse physical or psychological reactions by looking at the picture on the right, then the responsibility for having done so is yours & yours alone! This picture is truly shocking. As well as twisted, freaky, & just plain gross. In fact, it may be the most disgusting, most horrific picture on the internet. It may or may not even be legal! But here it is. The cold, hard truth. The painful reality.

If you look closely at it, the sheer horror of what is clearly shown can be overwhelming. Do you see it? Look closer. Now do you see it? Are you as disgusted by this very shocking, graphic image as everyone else is? Are you speechless? Is your entire body trembling from the sheer horror of it? Are you stupefied into a state of utter stupefaction? If so, don't judge yourself for feeling this way! This is a common reaction. A normal, human reaction.

Perhaps this disgustingly graphic image shouldn't be shown anywhere, to anyone. But posting this picture for all to see may actually be a good thing in the long run. It shines the light on the existence of something that an unsuspecting population doesn't even know exists. Something that's very bad. And knowing that something like this exists is better than not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss! Well, OK, maybe it is. Nevertheless, this picture is unmistakable proof of something so disgusting, so horrific, that words can't even begin to describe it. The picture alone says it all.


Feedback for
this very shocking picture

Is this picture even legal? I can't believe any site would actually post this picture! You can't post illegal pictures!

This picture is really twisted! My jaw dropped all the way to floor when I saw this picture. Just another example of what's wrong with the internet.

I was totally grossed out. So I cleaned my computer screen, which had dried bug parts & lots of dust on it. When I saw the picture through a clean screen, I was even more grossed out. I was hoping it was just a dirty monitor I was seeing. I mean, that is just gross!

I cried after looking at this picture. OK, I was cutting a large onion at the time. But I'm sure it was this picture that made my eyes water up. Because I was thinking about it at the time. It's just sad.

Why is everyone freaking out? Sure, this is the most disgusting picture I've ever seen. But aren't we mature adults? This is a cruel, unforgiving, merciless world. And we all know that things like this are out there. So deal with it.

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